Hire me

My name is Peter Rønsby. I have more than 15 years industry experience, including working for large broadcasting and newspaper companies with millions of website visitors.

I deliver full application chains, including infrastructure, application, backup solutions, CDN integration, caching and mobile apps.

I can also do selective tasks for every layer in your existing stack, including

- infrastructure-as-code, such as terraform and docker-compose
- server configuration, such as specialized and custom docker images
- PHP applications, typically using Symfony as the framework
- performance optimization, using for example Redis, Fastly and CDN support
- search implementations with Apache Solr
- API support with JSONAPI or GraphQL
- Frontend applications, using React-web and Twig
- Mobile applications, using React-native and Expo
- Integration with triplestores such as Blazegraph using SPARQL

Your products will be well-written and well-structured, with high code quality. My goal is to make your product

1) performant – very fast end-user experience
2) stable – rock solid with near 100% uptime
3) relevant and futureproof – testable, secure and documented code that is easy to pick up and understand for other developers

Let’s make your idea into reality!

Email: pr@activeforanimals.com
Skype: activeforanimals

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