Tips for first-time customers

To make our first meeting as productive as possible, here is a bit of advice for first-time customers.

1) Idea
Write down your idea and structure it as much as possible. When we discuss your idea, it improves our common understanding of your thoughts and limits misunderstandings as early as possible in the project.

2) Budget
Make sure you know what your budget is. This helps us narrow the scope of ambition on your project. If your idea is split into smaller parts, a budget helps us prioritize. I can help you amortizing the technical costs.
As a general rule I don’t work for future projected profits or stock options in unestablished companies – all my work is contract based.

3) Design
I don’t deliver design mockups for your idea, but can make recommendations for business that do, should you need it. If you have a design already, or if you want it added later or if your idea doesn’t need a particular visual expression, I am happy to oblige.